01. We are Infinita Studio

02. Game Design - The Beginning

03. Defining a Theme

04. Creating the Environment

05. Character Design - Part 1

06. Character Design - Part 2

07. Character Design - Part 3

08. Character Design - Part 4

by: Infinita Studio
Infinita Studio is a Brazilian game developer company aiming to give a meaningful experience for all players. We started with the dream of working with games always with creativity and innovation on all the projects we make.

Due to the complexity of the field and because we have initially only our free time to work on it, we decided to start with a simple idea so we could see our progress and have a better understand of all the development process. Still, even a simple idea requires attention of different aspects to achieve the best experience possible. In this blog we will share some of our experiences, ideas, our creation process and other details of our first game: Space Shock. See you later!