01. We are Infinita Studio

02. Game Design - The Beginning

03. Defining a Theme

04. Creating the Environment

05. Character Design - Part 1

06. Character Design - Part 2

07. Character Design - Part 3

08. Character Design - Part 4

by: Infinita Studio
When we started to throw the ideas up in the air the first thing we tried to set up was the Theme. The theme for the game would guide the development of story, general visual elements (like colors, patterns, textures and style) scenarios, characters and the mechanics. Just like we see on movies and books, the theme is responsible to gather all the elements and create engagement, so the player can feel the game atmosphere.

For our first game the theme we decided was Space. The outer space is a very interesting theme and gave us a lot of possibilities to create visual elements. Space is always portrayed as colorful, infinite, dangerous, with a bit loneliness though, but surrounded by mystery. We had many aspects to create key elements like the characters, objects and scenarios having the outer space as background.

Soon we'll share how we used the space theme to guide the development of mechanics and the rhythm we would like to create a fun and challenging gameplay.