01. We are Infinita Studio

02. Game Design - The Beginning

03. Defining a Theme

04. Creating the Environment

05. Character Design - Part 1

06. Character Design - Part 2

07. Character Design - Part 3

08. Character Design - Part 4

by: Infinita Studio
So, we have defined a theme and the main environment for our game it was time to start creating the character that could fit the best.
The character design is one of the most tricky part of the whole game design because we are used to see many lovable characters that look so simple and easy to make, but, making things look simple is actually a very complex task.

We decided to have a robot for our main character and it would feature some futuristic aspects, but with a young and a bit bold personality, this way the character personality would match the challenge that it would face through the gameplay.
We started with sketches to define the basic lines and create the body structure, colors, proportions and all the elements to make the character recognizable and create an involvement with the player.

Stay tuned to know the evolution of the character from the sketches to the 3D development.