01. We are Infinita Studio

02. Game Design - The Beginning

03. Defining a Theme

04. Creating the Environment

05. Character Design - Part 1

06. Character Design - Part 2

07. Character Design - Part 3

08. Character Design - Part 4

by: Infinita Studio
Continuing with the character design process we started to define the character general look. We already had decided that the character would be a robot, with a juvenile and bold personality, so it was time to make more sketches to achieve the desired look. The robot would feature the thruster at the bottom and should have a powerful body due to the moviments and all the action it would perform on the gameplay.

The robot body and head should be clean and easy to visualize, since the game would be fast and full of visual effects, the robot must be easily recognizable by the player. The limitations on the general design were actually used to guide the development and these main concerns were fulfilled.

The colors that we would use on the character reminds classic futuristic characters such as light silver, black and light blue. Although we were careful to avoid too much clichés and make a character with a weak personality. One of the character aspects that we immediately see are the robot arms. They give the character a strong and agile look and during the gameplay the player will see how the robot would use the arms to make some incredible moves while flying through space.