01. We are Infinita Studio

02. Game Design - The Beginning

03. Defining a Theme

04. Creating the Environment

05. Character Design - Part 1

06. Character Design - Part 2

07. Character Design - Part 3

08. Character Design - Part 4

by: Infinita Studio
After refining the sketches and get the general lines and shape of the character we started the 3D modeling. The 3D modeling is basically a 'sculpture' of the character based on the 2D drawings. We are using Blender 3D, an open-source and free 3D software, which is very complete and accurate for anything related to the 3D world, like modeling, sculpting, painting, texturing, animations and compositions. You can get Blender 3D here

On the modeling process it's important to take care of the proportions, extrusions and polygons that make all the character structure. Because we are making a mobile game it's also important to keep in mind the polygons count, the whole game will be a low-poly design, but we are making our best to give the best look of a futuristic scenario and characters.
You may notice that the robot on the 3D modeling is different than the sketches we presented on the previous posts, and the reason for this is pretty simple. We are saving our character presentation for a moment closer to the game release. Right now, this robot on the image works for a example of 3D modeling as well. The work process is the same that we used on the game robot.